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Sleuths of private detective agency held for snooping on high-profile clients

Wedding Detectives For Pre-Matrimonial Probe Are On Rise In India.

Women into the fine art of snooping say being miss marple is rewarding

Detectives in India: Treading the thin grey line between legality and illegality

Sleuths busy chasing cupid’s arrow

Goa Sniffers: Ever wanted to be a private detective?

What Is the Need of Private Detective Services in India

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  1. News - IndianExpress : Two arrested for snooping on mobile phone users.

  2. News - The Indian Express: Cops discover mobile phone based spying racket.

  3. News - TheHindu: Eavesdropping Drops them in jail.

  4. News - The Hindu : Illegal phone tapping lands detective software developer in jail.

  5. News - webIndia : Police bust major cyber crime racket arrest two techies.

  6. News - Star Live : Cops discover mobile phone based spying racket.

  7. News - VijayKarnataka : Two arrested for snooping on mobile.

  8. news -Article: Two held for stealing personal data of cellphone users.

  9. News-PTI News : Two nabbed for snooping on mobile phones.

  10. News-TheEconomicTimes: Two nabbed for snooping on mobile phones.